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Coaching. Courses. Workshops.

Customized Solutions

My transitional life and wellness coaching services come in the form of individual coaching, group courses, speaking engagements and workshops. All of my services are offered either virtually through Zoom or in person.  I work with clients locally and around the world. Contact me today to start your customized coaching plan. 

Areas I Can Help With

Coaching Services


Coaching clients receive a customized plan based on their goals and support needs. We meet regularly to explore resources and strategies to address issues or barriers. Coaching meetings are available in flexible formats depending on your needs and interests. 


Available in multi-week formats, each course focuses on targeted subject matter partnered with actionable steps for you to experiment with in your life. Throughout the program, you receive a network of support from me as well as fellow members. Courses can include: Managing pain beyond medication, Integrating activity into your life, Increasing self-confidence & self-care, and more.

& Workshops

Available in person or virtually, my speaking engagements and workshops are powerful sessions for creating change. Through interactive presentations and engaging workshops that address specific topics, we will work together on a common goal for all participants. 

How I Can Help

Are you ready to start improving your health and well-being? Book your free consultation session and start changing your life today.